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Use Focus Groups Before Your Novel is Published by Beth Carter

What? Use a focus group for novels? Why not! Marketers use focus groups. So can authors, I say. And I did. Let’s back up a bit. We write for readers, right? And we write because we love it but we also want readers to enjoy our work. I’ve worked in marketing for 25 years in banking and healthcare and decided to take advantage of my marketing background before my debut novel, THURSDAYS AT COCONUTS, was published. Call me Nervous Nelly but I wanted feedback before submitting my novel to agents and editors.

First, I invited a group of ten girlfriends to my house. I ordered pizza and plastered (I mean served) them wine. Then, I explained the premise behind my women’s fiction laced with romance, humor, and suspense. I told them I valued their advice as readers and had sample chapters for them to read. They were excited. EXCITED.

thursdaysatcoconuts 400x600 I…

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2 thoughts on “Use Focus Groups Before Your Novel is Published by Beth Carter

  1. Thanks for reblogging my post about using focus groups. I hope more authors try it. I enjoyed the process as did my group of readers. They provided great feedback while enjoying pizza and wine. Good times for all and helpful to me as the author.

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