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Birthing An Elephant

be1This month, I finished Book 3 of my series – Fighting Mad. I am enormously proud of finishing. This was a challenging book and it took almost 2 years. That’s as long as it takes to birth a baby Asian elephant, the longest gestation on record!

Why so long? Well, I planned to pull my notes together and deliver the final polish last summer. Then Obamacare kicked in, I started losing hours, and had to get a regular job. It is amazing how much of your life gets eaten up in that 40 hours. Writing around students, on lunch hours, after a long day – didn’t happen! I did, however, create a whole new definition of ‘weekend warrior!’

be2Then, the book kept growing. Baby elephants are almost 3 feet tall and weigh 260 pounds at birth. My book was only 88,000 words…

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