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Could exercise enhance your test taking ability? The scientific facts!


Is it healthful?

Short ‘n’ healthful article: exercise before a test

Now that I know everything, I don’t need to go to school (sarcasm).  But in another life, when I did go to school, I noticed I would always feel a bit sharper after I exercised. Perhaps it was just getting outside after 10 hours of solitary confinement, or maybe it was the exercise itself?  Regardless, I needn’t now worry about the mechanism, with a new study analysing whether an acute bout of exercise will sharpen up the old noggin. So, ladies and gentlemen, does it?


The study:

In this most fabulous of studies a group of year 9-12 children, at separate times and in a random order, completed a school class and then took no break from class, or a 5, 10, or 20 minute exercise break before completing a maths test. The study found that those that took a 10 or…

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