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This weeks Guest on the ‘Author’s Blog is Ryan Jo Summers

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My guest this week is Blog, Ryan Jo Summers, author of Chasing the painted skies.

Ryan Jo Summers is a North Carolina author who specializes in writing romances with a twist. Love stories blended with inspirational, paranormal, suspense or time travel-or several at once. She also writes non-fiction for regional periodicals. Ryan’s dad is a songwriter and his aunt wrote poetry so she claims she came by her writing skill honestly. Apparently it’s in the genes.

Her hobbies include bird-watching, houseplants, poetry and yard work. She loves to gather with friends, hike in the forest with her dog, paint ceramics and canvas and work on wiggly word find puzzles. She lives in a 1920 cottage with a menagerie of pets. Living in the mountains, she dreams of the shore and frequently uses the water as scenes for her stories.

Her book Chasing the painted skies was released on the 11th November 2015

Hook:Part mystery, part treasure hunt, part alternative paranormal, a dash of ghost story and all romance.

Tell us Ryan, what is the Genre of Chasing the painted skies?

Romance, with mystery and alternative paranormal

Ryan Jo, what is the inspiration behind your book?

The setting is very much my old home-grounds. In 1989 I came across a photo in a calendar that just ‘spoke to me’. I framed it at the end of the year and still have it. I spent so much time staring at it, it finally spawned this story. It feeds my nostalgia for my old homeland.

Below is one of the inspirational pictures

CPS Inspiration

What will readers love most about your hero/heroine? 

Raven’s self-sufficiency in such a remote, inhospitable environment. And the secrets the hero/ heroine keep from everyone else.


Buy link:

More about Ryan’s book:

Raven Koynes is a woman in hiding. Years ago she escaped to remote Gull Island Light Station, nestled far away in Lake Superior. She has carved out a life of peace and solitude for herself. Until famed nature photographer Sebastian Knight arrives–in the height of a nor’easter storm–to document the beauty of Gull Island. Unsavory treasure hunters also blow in with the storm, determined to find missing cargo from a sunken ship. And they are positive Raven knows where it’s stashed. A power outage from the storm traps everyone at her keeper’s cottage, fellow prisoners of the storm.

Between her attraction to handsome Sebastian and the unwelcome advances and threats of the hunters, Raven is pushed to her limit. Help arrives in the form of a stray German Shepherd Dog, who takes an immediate protective interest in Raven. He becomes her constant shadow and listening ear as she sorts out her growing–and conflicting–feelings for Sebastian.

Meanwhile, Sebastian came to the island looking for treasure as well, in the form of photographs. While he isn’t so sure about missing cargo, he only needs to look at Raven Koynes to know he’s found his own valuable treasure. One he hopes he can hang on to if she learns about his mysterious secret.

Now that Madeline the resident ghost has found out, it’s probably just a matter of time until Raven does too. And with the storm and power outage, no one is going anywhere any time soon.

Here is an excerpt

Raven scrubbed the dishes, heating pots of water on the stove and adding them to keep the dish water warm. She heard him go upstairs for a few minutes and then she heard the closing of the front door. Alone at last, glad for the peace, she attacked each dish with a new energy.

The man bothered her entirely too much, raising emotions she had thought were either erased or buried. Yet here they were, knocking at her mind’s door, reminding her of memories forgotten. Memories she wanted to stay forgotten or lost.

Finished with the dishes, the counters and table wiped down, she poured a cup of boiling coffee into a mug. Pulling on a jacket, she headed for the gazebo on the porch.

The music stopped her, drifting softly on the evening breezes. Following the sound, she spotted Sebastian already in the gazebo, bathed in twilight and a glow from the oil lantern in front of him. He looked the picture of concentration in the shadow of the light. He wore a golden saxophone around his neck, his fingers moving lightly over the keys. The sound hypnotized Raven. Leaning against the porch railing, fingers cradling the mug, she watched and listened.

He played a few chords, stopping and scribbling in a black notebook with a stubby pencil, only to resume the music again. The sax glinted off the lanterns light. Rich and wonderful, soulful and almost haunting, the music held her.

She watched his fingers as he moved confidently over the instrument, like a familiar friend. She could imagine those long fingers moving over her skin. Heat grew inside her, rolling over her in waves.

Time ceased as Raven stood there. Fragment by fragment, she felt the cold pieces inside her melting away. She had vowed to never fall for another man, to never love again. To never become involved or trust. But Sebastian Knight’s lilting strands artfully and slowly slipped loose the knots of her heart, making her lose sight of those important vows.

If she were smart, she would leave now. Just stop listening, stop watching his face in the twilight’s glow and walk away. Better yet, run away. Go anywhere. Someplace she could not hear or see him. So why couldn’t she? Why did the silky strands of his music hold her heart captive? She’d never particularly cared for sax music or any music before. Most of it was okay, but she preferred silence. Why did this beautiful and poignant sound draw her in? Why did it untie those knots of resolution in her heart and mind? How did he awake a desire within her that she thought was forever gone?

Trembling, suddenly scared, she galvanized herself to move. Slowly backing up she returned to the house, leaving the mug on the counter and going upstairs to the balcony of her room. Sitting alone in the deepening twilight, she bowed her head, letting the tears fall.


What words best describe your book

Mysterious, rugged, beautiful

Do you have any upcoming events that you would like to share with readers?

Lots of Goodreads giveaways going on for other titles I have. Plus the Christmas anthology will have tons of fun stuff and giveaways associated with it.

Where can readers best reach you? 

Website: Blog





Thank you Ryan for joining me!  

It has been my pleasure. I am very excited about offering this book to the world. It is a personal part of myself, largely because of the setting and the characters themselves.




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