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Pet cat toileting issues.

I’m writing this blog as I am so relieved that at long last, the scrubbing of carpets is finally over. For anyone, that doesn’t know me. I am a massive animal lover. I have had numerous pets over the years, Dogs, Fish, Rats, Hamsters, Gerbils, Rabbits and Cats, to name a few.

I have three house cats at the moment. I know, cats are supposed to roam in the great outdoors, but to be frank. With the speeding cars and nasty people. I don’t let my cats outside for fear that they may be harmed.

I have two boys and a little girl. All have been spayed/neutered.  The boys can be a bit rough with my little girl. So to give her a well-earned break, she sleeps upstairs, with me at night. She loves it and to be honest, so do I. She snuggles up and purrs her little head off.

Since we have had her she has had toileting accidents. Downstairs this is not too much of an issue, with the type of flooring we have. A mop, bucket and the problems are solved. Upstairs is a different matter. We have a cat tray especially for her, but it didn’t seem to matter. She seemed to be having accidents daily. We have taken her to the vets, in case she had a medical problem. We have given her medicines to help with stress. Used the plug-in Feliway. I have used a number of treatments that are supposed to remove the smell of urine. Trust me they did not work.  We even purchased a carpet cleaner. We have ripped up, the carpets in the end and even had to replace the floorboards, it was that bad!  You get the picture. All that from a little cat!We have spent a lot of money trying to resolve the problem. It was getting to the stage where I was considering leaving her downstairs, which was a shame because she goes to the door at bedtime waiting to go to bed.

We have spent a lot of money trying to resolve the problem. It was getting to the stage where I was considering leaving her downstairs, which was a shame because she goes to the door at bedtime waiting to go to bed.

In a final attempt to come up with the reason why she would use the cat tray sometimes and not other. I did some research on the Internet. We thought she was just a dirty cat or lazy.

Anyway after a bit of digging, I found a site that spoke about a problem that was exactly the same as mine or should I say, her’s. The author of the article was having the same issues around the use of a cat tray.

After reading it, I could believe how simple, a solution it was. We toddled off to the pet shop and purchased the things I needed. A new flat cat tray. She previously had a hooded tray and a bag of clumping cat litter. I must admit is was sceptical, but I had to do something. Desperation was the deciding factor.

Five months down the line and it is amazing. Straight away she started to use it. She even asks to go upstairs to use the tray now. It’s unbelievably simple, but how the article explained it was, would you use a toilet where you had to walk through urine in and faeces? I know that I wouldn’t.

Cats are very clean and particular about toileting and even though the trays were changed every one to two days, she didn’t like walking in any mess which was mainly from the boys.

My little baby is using the cat tray all of the times now and in the 5 months since we changed to an open tray with clumping clay. She has only had one accident and that was when she missed. We won’t embarrass her and talk about that event, though.

Every time she uses the tray, we scoop it out and top it up. Completely emptying it once a week. It’s really unbelievable.

Now I have just got to sort out my mental cat, who keeps running into the door and we will be set. Lol.

I hope that if anyone out there has a similar problem, this will help. Please try it, if your cat won’t use the cat tray. It is worth it and it really does work.

Good luck



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