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The Empty Room by Sarah J. Clemens – Book Tour + #Giveaway


The Empty Room
by Sarah J Clemens
Genre: Psychological Suspense, Thriller, Mystery
Rain soaked and dreary, it was a 1901 abandoned Victorian that newlyweds
Dean and Elizabeth Montgomery hoped would fulfill their dreams of a
new start in life, even if the town of Eastbrook, Maine was nestled
under a constant blanket of fog.
The first neighbor the couple meets dashes those hopes when he raises a
bizarre question: what happened to the last person who lived in their
house? A cryptic question, but nothing to worry about. At least not
until the couple looked under the floorboards inside the house.
Under mounting pressure from the residents of Eastbrook to stop questioning
the past, Dean and Elizabeth are driven deeper into the history of
the house, the town, and their neighbors. When the couple discovers
what happened in Eastbrook, keeping the secret could save their
lives, but uncovering the truth might be worth the risk.
What happened inside The Empty Room is a mystery until the last page. A
gripping psychological suspense, the story takes readers on a
cat-and-mouse game where some secrets are better off hidden.

The two were quite uncertain as to why it seemed so difficult to step inside the room. They

had trampled across every inch of the house and looked through the belongings of a man they had never met, but felt as though they were intruding to even stand outside the door of an empty room.

Dean was a problem solver though and had finally settled on a way to get over that feeling.

As he stood behind Elizabeth, just outside of the door frame, and with his coffee cup still in one hand, he put the palm of his hand on her back and gave a strong push.

She stumbled awkwardly into the room.

“There,” he said proudly as he took a sip. “What do you think?”

“I think that you’re going to have a hard time sleeping tonight,” she replied.

He found it ironic that he had already weighed that possibility before he shoved her, and had still decided to do so. He smiled. “I’m good with that.”

He took a few faltering steps behind her before taking a deep breath and stepping inside

completely. They both looked around and identified the same exact features they had seen the first time they stood outside the door: an entirely empty room with a sheer white curtain covering the only window, now with a new perspective standing inside.

Compared to the rest of the rooms in the house, this room was small. It had a closet on the

left wall and the window on the back wall, which looked out into the backyard. There was

nothing special or unique about the room, except this one wasn’t crammed to the ceiling with personal touches.

Dean and Elizabeth stared at each other as though competing for a prize in a contest, when Dean’s concentration fixated on something else. She followed the direction of his eyes to the wall behind her which had abruptly claimed his attention.

He had only stepped a few feet inside of the room when he eyed something on the east wall behind his wife. As he walked around her, she turned to look. He still clenched his coffee cup tightly in his left hand but reached up his right hand and ran his palm along the wall. Elizabeth stood in silence behind him and waited for an explanation. His hand paused in areas and then continued up and down until he reached the corner of the room.

The wallpaper, which was striped with thick bands of blue and slender bands of green, had

stolen his concept of the English language, and he ignored his wife’s persistent calling of his name.

“Dean? Dean. Dean!” she insisted without a response from him. She approached him from

behind and grabbed ahold of his shoulder and shook him.

He stumbled back upon reality long enough to mumble, “What is that?” he said, half dazed.

Elizabeth’s curiosity had remained occupied on her husband’s behavior until she too caught sight of what he had been eyeing. Covered by the blue and green wallpaper was the faint and somewhat abstract outline of something beneath the paper.

“Go get me something to get this wallpaper down.” The sound of his voice was urgent. He

sat his coffee up on the window sill and ran both hands along the wall.

Elizabeth froze for a moment before turning toward the door. She had just reached the hall

when he called out, “Hey, wait. Look at this. It peels off.”

She turned sharply on her heel and headed back toward him.

“Here, can you help me with this? I’ll grab the top corner,” he said.

Each gripping a piece of wallpaper, they slowly pulled back the sun-faded sheets as it wilted off the wall. The persistent rain and wet weather, along with a poorly insulated window would make for some mold problems later on down the road, but for now, it made the process of removing wallpaper move at a much more rapid speed, and with their joint efforts the paper pulled cleanly off the wall.

The two stood with the now crinkled wallpaper clutched in their hands. Dean released his

grip and dropped the ball of paper. He took a step back from the freshly unveiled wall.

“What on…” Elizabeth’s mouth gaped open and she seemed faced with the same loss of

speech that her husband had experienced moments ago.

The wall, originally painted a now-faded yellow color, was splattered in red. Dean reclaimed the step that he sacrificed an instant earlier and squinted at the wall. The two had questioned the intentions of a man who would leave everything he owned behind and they had possibly found the answer, but now, the question shifted to whether or not they wanted to know.


Sarah J. Clemens is the author of the debut mystery novel, The Empty Room.
She started writing The Empty Room in 2008 and formed her own imprint
in 2016 called Off the Page Publishing.
She started out her professional career working as a news assistant for
her local newspaper before finding a passion for the law and pursued
an education in criminal justice. In addition to writing fiction, she
is also a legal assistant with an Associate of Arts and a Bachelor of
Science in Criminal Justice with an emphasis in Human Services.
Sarah was born in California and now lives and works in Boise, Idaho. She
has the same sarcastic sense of humor as the characters in her books,
and she has an unparalleled love for animals.
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Worth Waiting For by Wendy Qualls – Cover Reveal


by Wendy Qualls
Genre: LGBT Contemporary Romance

Pub Date: 8/15/2017
A small town in the Deep South isn’t where most gay men would choose to go looking for love. But
open hearts will find a way…
Growing up in the Bible Belt, Paul Dunham
learned from a young age to hide his sexuality. Now he’s teaching
psychology at a conservative college in Georgia—and still hiding
who he really is. If Paul hopes to get tenure, he needs to keep his
desires on the down-low. But when an old college crush shows up on
campus—looking more gorgeous than ever—Paul’s long-suppressed
urges are just too big for one little closet to hold . . .
Brandon Mercer has come a long way since
his freshman year fumblings with Paul. Now he’s confident,
accomplished, proudly out—and the sexiest IT consultant Paul’s
ever seen. When Brandon asks Paul to grab some coffee and catch up,
it leads to a steamy reunion that puts their first night of passion
to shame. But when Paul’s longtime crush turns into a full-time
romance, he receives an anonymous email threatening to expose their
secret to the world. If Paul stays with Brandon, his teaching career
is over. Yet if he caves under pressure, he risks losing the one true
love he’s been waiting for. . .


Wendy Qualls was a small¬town librarian until she finished reading everything
her library had to offer. At that point she put her expensive and
totally unrelated college degree to use by writing smutty romance
novels and wasting time on the internet. She lives in Northern
Alabama with her husband, two daughters, two dogs, and a seasonally
fluctuating swarm of unwanted ladybugs. She’s a member of both the
Romance Writers of America and way too many online writers’ forums
Wendy can be found at and on Twitter as

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Fear Nothing by Amber Molloy -Spotlight Tour


Diversity in Romance
books are the ultimate escapism, a tool to be uplifting while allowing the
reader to lose themselves in a great story.
In general romance is the bastard child of the book
world. It hands down makes the most money, but no one wants to admit they
either read or write it.  Men who dare to
tread into this genre, such as Nicholas Sparks coin their book’s Women’s
Fiction.  This could be considered the
first dark smudge against the genre. 
The second is the lack of diversity in
this field. Whites have the upper hand in romance leads.
Black women read most of everything
BBW, WWWM, BWBM, even WWBM but whites are more selective. They don’t read POC
leads because they don’t have to. 
Black romance was never as broad as white
main stream books. Publishing houses figured only a certain type of romance is
what Black woman craved, i.e Church, Gansta, or Urban. The cute and homey
romance that white women get were simply not in the cards for the rest of us.
The problem with that is called stereotyping.
Marketing analytics would point to sales, and so
would publisher. However, history has shown us that simply isn’t true. Publisher
have what is called category romance, which is a type of story line they would
like their authors to follow. It is their tried and true formula that works for
Anything outside of the norm just
doesn’t get picked up. Nevertheless, famous authors have dispelled this type of
book and a box format i.e Zane and E. L. James. These women hit every best
seller chart by self-publishing.
Considered a one off by industry standards at the time they are now the
blue print for erotic romance. 
Unfortunately, publishing is much like the movie
industry in the argument that no one actually wants to go out on a limb. They
would rather stick to what works for them.
When I first started writing I didn’t see much call
for interracial works. Thanks, in part to the television show Scandal, Interracial romances have had a little boost. 
The pairing with a strong black
woman lead and white man seemed foreign to most. 
Yet, interracial romance has
been around for some time. What would help a lot of author’s is for the genre to
catch on with women outside of their race.

women read books with white leads wouldn’t it be awesome if white women could
do the same?

Fear Nothing
Amber Malloy
Genre: Interracial Romance/ Action
Publisher: Resplendence
ISBN:  978-1-607350974-6
Pages: 130
Count: 40,000
Book Description:
One psychotic soldier was to blame.
Years ago, Skye Everwood survived a vicious assault, and now, she’s losing her eyesight as she faces her worst nightmare… Her attacker is back to finish what he started.
When the love of her life unexpectedly shows up at her restaurant, she knows it’s not a coincidence. Skye never understood why Bodhi King disappeared after that fateful day. Their plans to get married went up in smoke, just like her dreams to stay in the JAG Core. Unsure if she can trust him with her heart—let alone her life—she searches to find answers to why he left in the first place.
About the Author:
Amber Malloy dreamed of being a double agent but couldn’t pass the psyche evaluation. Crushed by despair that she couldn’t legally shoot things, Amber pursued her second career choice as pastry chef. When she’s not writing or whipping up a mean Snickers Cheesecake, she occasionally spies on her sommelier. Amber is convinced he’s faking his French accent.
Amber loves to talk to her readers and can be found at