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RESCUED BY THE CAPTAIN By Laura A. Barnes – Book Promo




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By Laura A. Barnes

Genre: Historical Romance

Word Count: 75,000

Available on Lulu, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, Apple, Google Play



Abandoned at sea

When Ivy Mallory awakens; she finds herself on the ship of the man who rejected her love years earlier. While he was away working for the Crown, she embraced the London Seasons trying to forget him. Caught in the middle of a treason plot; she must help save her brother. To do so she needs to put her trust in the one man who can protect her. But can she protect her heart from loving him again?


Found at sea

Captain Marcus Thornhill never imagined he would find a lady floating unconscious in a lifeboat out in the middle of the open sea. But it wasn’t any lady, it was Ivy. Seven years earlier he rejected her love for a life at sea. As he rescues her he gets involved in a treason plot that will bring the war to their beloved shores of England. As he unravels the plot he is unable to deny his desire for her. Is he too late in saving her and the love he has for her?



Thorn slammed the door behind Maxwell as he left. He then turned around and leaned back against the door, watching Ivy through his hooded eyes. She raised her head, lifting her chin as if she was innocent of any wrong doing.

“You two seem awfully chummy, like a couple of bosom friends,” Thorn commented.

“Yes, we are friends.”

“It seems like more than just friendship Ivy.”

“I don’t know what you are talking about Thorn.”

“Don’t you Ivy? How about you explain what I saw in the garden earlier? That was not a friend’s kiss on the hand when he left. That was more like a lover’s kiss.”

“Are you trying to imply that Zane and I are lovers? I think you would know differently on that.”

“I’m just saying that your friendship seems a little too close.”

“Just because we are engaged to be married, does not mean that I will give up my friends. He has been a friend that has been there for me all these years. That is more than what I can say for you.”

“Is it more than just friendship Ivy?”

“Are you jealous Thorn?”

Thorn ran his fingers through his hair in frustration. He didn’t want to fight with Ivy; the truth was that he was extremely jealous. Maxwell got to touch her today more than he had in the last two weeks. All he wanted to do now was to pull her into his arms and kiss her.  But he was not going to be cuckold by his own fiancé and friend. He knew he was being ignorant on this. His Ivy was too sweet to cuckold him. It was just her nature to be open and sweet to everybody. He also knew that Maxwell was just baiting him; he was taking pleasure out of it.  He has never felt so frustrated in his life. Knowing that he needed to backtrack here, he decided to start over. They were alone and he didn’t know for how much longer they would be. So why was he trying to ruin this time together by arguing with her.

It was working. Zane knew what he was talking about. Thorn was actually jealous of Zane. Ivy laughed to herself. Ivy watched as Thorn tried getting his emotions under control. He looked so sexy when he ran his fingers through his hair, acting like he didn’t know what to do with himself.  Why won’t he just take her in his arms and kiss her? Ivy craved for his mouth to be on hers. She ached for his touch. She just wanted any sign from him that he loved her and that he wanted to be with her. Zane had told her that she needed to make the first move. Ivy felt shy about being forward with Thorn, but knew that she had to try.

Ivy walked over to Thorn and laid her hand on his chest. She looked up into his smoky dark eyes as she ran her hand up and down his chest over the buttons of his shirt. She nervously licked her lips and watched his eyes darken even more. Reaching up with her hand, she brushed the lock of hair off his forehead to the side. As she slid her hand behind to his neck, she stood up on her tiptoes, bringing her lips closer to his.

She slid her lips along his slowly, brushing them gently across his lips. He moaned against her lips. Ivy slid her tongue across his lips; as she guided her tongue inside his mouth. She tasted the whiskey that he had drunk earlier that still lingered. Her tongue explored the power she felt at taking control of their kiss. She let him know of her desire as her tongue danced along his. What Ivy couldn’t say to Thorn, she showed him with her kiss. He let out a groan against her lips and tried to take over the kiss, but Ivy pulled away. She placed a soft kiss against his lips and stepped away from him.

“Good night Marcus,” she whispered.

She turned around and began to make her way up the stairs. She turned around and saw the look of shock and arousal on Marcus’s face. She smiled sweetly at him. He started towards her, but Ivy kept on walking up the stairs.


“Sweet dreams Marcus,” Ivy said over her shoulder as she continued to her room.

Marcus brought his fingers to his lips. He stood in awe of the kiss that Ivy just gave him. An amazing kiss that proved what an idiot he was being, then she just walked away smiling sweetly at him. I guess she made her point of what a jackass he was being. He was going to dream tonight, but after a kiss like that, they were not going to be of the sweet variety.


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Laura lives in Iowa with her husband. She is an empty-nester of three wonderful children who decided to follow her lifelong dream of writing. When she is not writing, you will find her head buried in a book. Her greatest joys in life are her grandchildren. Rescued By the Captain is her first novel.

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