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Free weekend Promotion for Authors – Now booking for June


Hi, all of you hard working authors, out there. We all know how difficult it is to get our books out in front of the lovely, loyal readers. Well, I just want to give a helping hand. There is most definitely no catch. I won’t turn around and ask you to do anything for me, in a few weeks. I have had it done to me, and it’s not nice. Shame on those who do!

Anyway, I post for three book tour companies during the week but not at the weekend (I don’t get paid for this). I have two blogs, and I am offering the use of my blogs to post for authors at the weekend. I will try to accommodate as many books as possible. Pre-release, release or just promo. I have filled

up most of May and I am now looking at June postings.

All I would ask is that you contact me first with the date so I can put you on my calendar.
Then when we agree on the date, I would ask that you send me your posts, at least week to five days before the agreed date (you can send it before).

The format for posting should be in a Word document, laid out how you would like to see your post. Also include the images in the document as well as separately. Please supply the genre, word count, book blurb, excerpt, book cover, author bio, author image, buy link, social media links and giveaway details if you want to give one. (my most successful posts have giveaways. I have a large following on Twitter)

I will post all genre, and I will try to fit you in at short notice if you need it. This is only a try to fit you in, not a definite.

For those who want to post on my blogs, here are the links for you to check out.

Tree swing



Tracey A Wood is a new exciting author of Paranormal suspense, Romance and Urban Fantasy novels with a captivating twist

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