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Moira Ashe: Enemy Within by Brendon Bertram – Book Promo + #Giveaway




Version 3

Moira Ashe: Enemy Within

by Brendon Bertram

Genre: Paranormal Thriller

Word count: 26521

About the Book

Moira Ashe: Enemy Within is the first book in a new series and the first book I have ever written. Moira Ashe is a monster hunter set in a fictional world in a 16th-century setting. After being tasked with hunting a beastly killer, Moira must also protect the life of a foreign man looking for a solution to lycanthrope. Searching for the beast’s identity by day and facing the beast during the night. Moira fights to expose the creature’s identity while keeping her own secret hidden.


The book is only available on Amazon as an e-book for 2.99USD. It is also available for free with Kindle Unlimited.


Excerpt from Chapter 6


As the beast got closer, Moira slowly began squeezing the trigger as it approached. Something wasn’t right. The beast seemed to home in on the duo, its nose twitched as if searching for them. Lincoln became scared, was it truly oblivious to their presence or was it feigning being so. The answer became clear, as the beast turned its body as Moira fired her weapon.

The sound of thunder tore through the night as the weapon discharged, sending a dozen small balls speeding towards the beast. But instead of colliding head on, into the creature’s head and chest, most punched into the creature’s left shoulder and back while the rest missed completely.

The werewolf was thrown sideways, the flesh on its shoulder was mangled as blood seeped from its wounds. The beast regained its footing and glared at its attackers, while Lincoln stared in disbelief as the creature’s wounds already began to start healing.

Moira slung her blunderbuss over her shoulder as she said one word.



About the Author



As a self-published author, who recently found a passion for storytelling, I am hoping that I can translate this passion into a career for myself. My passion was born from reading fan theories. I found the concept of hidden stories incredibly interesting, and I hope to incorporate those elements into my own works. I have a very varied array of ideas for books ranging from fantasy and sci-fi, to more profound literature, that I hope to release in the future. Fan theories and art are always appreciated.




When I commissioned the creation of the cover I also ordered for the production for a limited number of posters. I will be giving away 5 of these to the first five people to send me a message on Facebook asking for one. The poster is 11 X 17 inches.



Facebook page: Brendon Bertram’s Facebook page

Link to purchase book on Amazon: Moira Ashe: Enemy Within on Amazon



Tracey A Wood is a new exciting author of Paranormal suspense, Romance and Urban Fantasy novels with a captivating twist

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