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I am a married, working mum of two boys. One of which is disabled. I have lived in Staffordshire in the United Kingdom, all of my life. At an early age I was lucky enough to be taught by and exceptional teacher who encouraged my writing and my very active imagination. After leaving school I stopped writing completely. For years I never wrote but read in my limited time. I studied at home and at night while working part time and qualified in teaching Adults and further education. I started teaching computer basics to adults in a local company then moved to work with Juveniles and young offenders in Prison. I developed my career and became an avid reader of Urban Fantasy, Paranormal fiction and horror books. While reading I would often think how I would have wrote it, how I would put my own spin on it. So I decided I would write my own book.

In 2014, after my recovery from an illness in August 2013 which was life changing in its self. I plucked up the courage and decided to send my book to SoulMate Publishing. I feel so privileged to have my book published as this is the first book I have written. It has made my dream of being a published author a reality. Life really is too short to wait. I am still working full time and also working on another book in my limited spare time.

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8 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Greetings:

    I have recently released a two-book space opera set: Seers of Verde: The Legend Fulfilled (published March 2016) and its sequel, Return of the Earthers (published November 2016). You can find both at http://amzn.to/24IquaA 

    I am writing to see if you would be interested in reading and reviewing one or both. I am more than happy to provide either or both books to you free, in PDF, ePub or mobi format. They also are available on Kindle Unlimited. Both books are about 400 print pages.

    Here is more about Seers of Verde: The Legend Fulfilled:

    Marauders from a renegade planet attack an Earth colony ship forcing landing parties to split into two groups in a desperate attempt to escape. The attackers are killed but the colonists pay a terrible price. Their vessels are destroyed stranding them without their technology on either side of an imposing mountain range on the planet Verde Grande.

    Descendants of a mysterious Seer now protect their people but become the bane of the hunter society on the other side of the mountain. For two centuries all attempts to scale the mountain are thwarted by the powerful Seers who want to preserve their religion and way of life no matter the cost.

    One day, a party of hunters sets out to climb the mountain. To their dismay, the Seers cannot control a strange unreachable young woman, who finds the passage to their protected valley. The reunion triggers a decades-long conflict between the Seers and the children of the “lost ones”—a struggle that forever changes the people of Verde Grande.

    Here are some teasers from Return of the Earthers:

    Aron Nels has challenged 19 enemy warriors to death duels. If he fails, the truth of the tragic events at Temple Darya will never be known. The lone surviving Defender of the Nuvens is unaware another force is working against him — the powerful Seers who have kept their people safe from space marauders and the Nuvens for centuries.
    Willa Sydriker fights to free her world from the yoke of the Tanlians. To do this, the young woman has to convince her people to back a daring plot to hijack the space marauders’ transport ship. If successful, she has to find and convince their former enemy — the “Earthers” — to help their cause.
    Gerro, captain of the Tarylan Guards, has committed an act of treason against the Seers. The bastard son of an estranged Seer and unknown father must cross the treacherous mountain to find his mother in the Valley of the Heroes, home of the Defenders.
    Jorn Nandez, a captain in the “Earther” space fleet, dreams of returning to the planet his ancestor helped bioform. No one has been in contact with the former Earth colony world for more than 300 years after it apparently was abandoned. The fearsome Tanlians stand in his way but even they avoid the mysterious “ghost world.”

    Here’s a short bio:

    M.L. Williams is an award-winning ex-journalist. He retired after 39 years of battling deadlines to venture into the world of science fiction. Williams lives in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. He spends his time reading, writing and enjoying his role as Grandpa. He has written two novels: Seers of Verde and its sequel, Return of the Earthers.

    Thanks for your consideration. I look forward to hearing from you!

    Myron (M.L.) Williams


  2. Tracey A. Wood:
    Thank you for being a part of The Sisterhood blog tour. It is wonderful to be part of a vibrant online literary community. Merry Christmas, and Happy New Year everyone! For the winners of the giveaway, you’ll enjoy The Fantastical Odyssey! Happy Reading! Bye for now.


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