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A Stone’s Throw by Debbie De Louise – Book Tour + #Giveaway


A Stone’s Throw
Cobble Cove Mysteries Book 1
by Debbie De Louise
Genre: Cozy Mystery, Romantic Suspense
Widowed librarian Alicia Fairmont needs answers…
After her husband is killed in a hit and run accident, Alicia travels
upstate to his hometown of Cobble Cove, New York, hoping to locate
his estranged family and shed light on his mysterious past.
Anticipating staying only a weekend, her visit is extended when she
accepts a job at the town’s library.
Secrets stretch decades into the past… Assisted by handsome newspaper
publisher and aspiring novelist, John McKinney, Alicia discovers a
connection between her absent in-laws and a secret John’s father
has kept for over sixty years. But her investigation is interrupted
when she receives word her house has burned and arson is suspected,
sending her rushing back to Long Island, accompanied by John.
Back in Cobble Cove, cryptic clues are uncovered…
When Alicia returns, she finds a strange diary, confiscated letters, and a
digital audio device containing a recording made the day her husband
was killed. Anonymous notes warn Alicia to leave town, but she can’t
turn her back on the mystery—or her attraction to John. As the
pieces begin to fall into place, evidence points to John’s
involvement in her husband’s accident.
The past and present threaten to collide, and Alicia confronts her fears…
Has she fallen in love with her husband’s killer?
Between A Rock and a Hard Place
Cobble Cove Mysteries Book 2
Librarian Alicia McKinney has put the past behind her…
Two years ago, Alicia discovered both a terrible truth and lasting love
with John McKinney in the small town of Cobble Cove, New York. Now a
busy mother of twin babies and co-author of a mystery series, Alicia
couldn’t be happier.
Alicia’s contentment and safety are challenged…
Walking home alone from the library, Alicia senses someone following her, and
on more than one occasion, she believes she is being watched. Does
she have a stalker? When the local gift shop is burglarized, the
troubling event causes unrest among Alicia and the residents of the
quiet town.

John and Alicia receive an offer they can’t refuse…
When John’s sister offers to babysit while she and John take a
much-needed vacation in New York City, Alicia is reluctant to leave
her children because of the disturbances in Cobble Cove. John assures
her the town is safe in the hands of Sheriff-elect Ramsay. Although
Alicia’s experience with and dislike of the former Long Island
detective don’t alleviate her concern, she and John take their
Alicia faces her worst nightmare…
The McKinneys’ vacation is cut short when they learn their babies have
been kidnapped and John’s sister shot. Alicia and John’s
situation puts them between a rock and a hard place when the main
suspect is found dead before the ransom is paid. In order to save
their children, the McKinneys race against the clock to solve a
mystery more puzzling than those found in their own books. Can they
do it before time runs out?
Coming Soon!
Written In Stone
Cobble Cove Mysteries Book 3
Alicia McKinney is confused . . . .

Was the strange email her husband received from the fictional
detective in their mystery series a threat? Did the killer mistake
the woman shot in the library for Alicia or the victim’s twin

Cat vs. Dog . . .

After Sneaky goes missing from the library, will he turn up before a
young girl becomes ill with worry over his disappearance? And will
he return in time to outsmart Fido by being first to find the
perpetrator’s smoking gun?

Alicia is worried . . .

While waiting for the killer’s next move, Alicia has other concerns.
An old flame of John’s is in town and her friend, Gilly, has adopted
the role of Miss Marple to aid her sheriff boyfriend in his

When all clues point to one of her co-workers, Alicia joins Gilly in
searching for the answers to the mystery.

Will they survive . . .

or is their ending written in stone?
Debbie De Louise is an award-winning author and a reference librarian at a
public library on Long Island. She is a member of Sisters-in-Crime,
International Thriller Writers, and the Cat Writer’s Association.
She has a BA in English and an MLS in Library Science from Long
Island University. Her three published novels include Cloudy Rainbow,
A Stone’s Throw, and Between a Rock and a Hard Place (Solstice
Publishing, 2016) that has been on the Amazon bestseller list for
cozy mysteries. Debbie has also written articles and short stories
for several anthologies of various genres. Her third Cobble Cove
mystery, Written in Stone, will be published Spring, 2017. She lives
on Long Island with her husband, daughter, and two cats.
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The Executioner Trilogy by Kindra Sowder – Book Tour + #Giveaway



Follow the Ashes
Book 1 of the Executioner Trilogy
by Kindra Sowder

Genre: Urban Fantasy


What does it mean to be the Executioner? Is it the struggle between good and evil, and the fulfillment of a Gypsy legend?
For Robin, it’s simply another day in the park in downtown LA. It’s killing the undead as she attempts to juggle life and love the same as any other ordinary woman would. That is until she meets Gordon, a crazed demon with a conscience. Now she must battle an ancient evil far more powerful then she’s ever faced before, or risk losing the world to Lilith, the mother of all vampires.
Will she save mankind? Or will we all follow the ashes of destruction as we burn in Hell?

Goodreads * Amazon


Follow the Screams
The Executioner Trilogy Book 2


Robin had made the ultimate sacrifice; losing life, love and fate in the process.
Or so it seemed.
When all hope was lost her destiny was finally made clear.
What would you do if you were trapped in a prison where most were put there by you?
You rise…

Goodreads * Amazon


Follow the Bloodshed
The Executioner Trilogy Book 3


Robin had gone toe-to-toe with Lilith, losing everything. Now she is back in the explosive final chapter of the Executioner Trilogy for revenge. After emerging from Hell, lying in her cold and dark grave, she is thrust into a world that she would’ve never thought possible; filled with creatures she never imagined. And her power is growing. Los Angeles is a ghost town, with the world following close behind. It is up to her to stop Lilith and bring humanity back from the brink of extinction.

Goodreads * Amazon



Kindra Sowder was born and raised in Rancho Palos Verdes, CA until the age of 12, when her family moved to Spartanburg, SC. She graduated from high school in 2006 with full honors and as a member of her high school Literary Club and the Spanish Honor Society. In January 2014, she graduated with her second degree in Psychology, earning her an AA and BA in the field. She began to write long before this though, forming the basis for the Executioner Trilogy (being released in January 2015) at the age of 15. She got married to her husband Edd Sowder in May 2014 and still lives in Spartanburg, SC where she is basing Burning Willow Press. She dissolved her contract with another company, deciding to form her own. She based the company around the idea that she would be fair to all of its authors and not just a select few. She has decided to show that she has complete faith and trust in her own press by publishing her own works with her own company.

To keep up with Kindra Sowder:

Website * Facebook * Twitter * Instagram * LinkedIn * Amazon * Goodreads

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Past Lives Series by AC Chenier – Book Tour + #Giveaway


The Past Lives series of books introduces two strong women who undergo dramatic changes in their lives when they learn about their soul’s past. Through past life regression they learn of their own history and investigate the concept of soul mates reuniting through time. Read Loves of our Lives and Love by Knight
to learn about Katie Benjamin and Kelly Taylor.


Loves of Our Lives
Past Lives Book 1
By AC Chenier

Genre: Romance, Supernatural, Past Lives


Katie Benjamin is leading a good life; happily married, a great new career, and wonderful friends and family. The only thing marring her quiet life is the terminal cancer diagnosis of her best friend Maria Halford. Maria introduces Katie to the theory of past lives; the notion that our bodies are only a temporary housing for our souls. The soul continues on after the expiration of the current body, and has lived in other bodies many times in the past. Both women embark on past life regression therapy and discover new meaning and connections while exploring their past lives.
Read about Katie’s experiences as she meets Elinor Davenport and Catherine Buchanan; two women from long ago who share the same soul. Life in 1700’s England and 1800’s America is very different from her current life, yet she recognizes the same feeling of being incomplete. She discovers important truths about soul mates, both friends and lovers, and how we reunite with them over and over again.

Goodreads * Amazon * My Book Orders * B&N


“He did what?”

“Yeah, he had convinced his boss to hire me as their office manager. I was livid, to say the least.”

“What did Ward say when you confronted him?”

“Well, I haven’t had it out with him yet about it. When I complained about him not helping with the party he told me to stop whining, and that I needed to get my priorities straight.

He thinks I’m spending too much time downtown and commuting leading to me to be stressed. He then stormed out of the condo to the sauna, leaving the cleanup of the party to me.”

“Well, it seems to me you had better have a long chat with him about your love of working in the city. Does he understand you will be traveling with this new project?”

“No, I haven’t told him that yet. It will be a big fight when he finds out.”

“You better have that talk with him soon. Sounds to me like he’s entrenched in the old ways and not willing or able to let you grow. I really think you need to give some serious thought to your relationship. If he can’t support you in how you want to change and grow, then he isn’t the right man for you to be with. Don’t let him stop you or make you doubt the positive direction your life is taking.”

“But I made commitments to him when I got married. That means something to me, through thick and thin. We don’t get divorced in my family. Marriage is a life commitment.”

“Really? Do you think your parents would want you to settle for something less than perfect? Or at least to stay in a relationship that wasn’t supportive of all you want to do and be? You know what I think? I think you’re hiding behind the ‘marriage is for life’ notion because you’re scared of the changes happening in your life. This latest job is going to be a huge stepping-stone for you. It’s natural to be a bit apprehensive. Don’t let a tie to an old life dictate what you want to do. Do you want this job? Do you want the challenge it will bring?”

“Yes, more than anything in my life. This is what I want to do.” Katie contemplated her parents, and particularly her mom. They would want her to do what she needed to do to be happy.

“Then don’t let the chains of the past hold you to a life that doesn’t fit anymore. And really think about this. Would your parents really want that for you? Tied to a life that doesn’t fit, but that you’re making work because it is what is expected of you? Or would they rather you be flying high and free, testing the limits of what you can do and be?”

“Hey, Carol? I need your help in here. The pastries are ready to go,” yelled Ken from the kitchen.

“On my way, darling,” Carol responded. She turned to Katie. “Think about what I’ve said. Really think about what you want and who you want to be. Don’t let the expectations of others hold you to a life that isn’t meant for you, at least not anymore.”

She then rose to go help Ken. “I’ll send John back in here to talk to you. I think you both need that. I can see the bond developing between you.”



Love By Knight
Past lives series Book 2


A thrilling tale of romance across time, Love by Knight is the story of Kelly Taylor. Recently widowed, she is finally able to follow her dream and explore the mysteries of the Knights Templar. She never knew what she might find at a newly uncovered Templar village.
Neil Adams was the kind of man that attracted women wherever he went. Tall and attractive, with curly grey-flecked hair and a slightly off-center nose, Kelly was drawn to him even before she realized that he was wealthy. If only she hadn’t so recently sworn off men! And if she’d only met him at home, instead of halfway around the world, sure she’d never see him again.
When repeated nightmares drive Kelly to look into past-life regression therapy she discovers much more than she expected about her connections to the Knights Templar, she finds that she is not the only one who has lived more than one life. Is it possible that she was destined to find Neil in this life? Or is this yet another glancing blow between the two souls?
Love by Knight is the second novel in the Past Lives series by author AC Chenier, which bring together fantasy, romance, and a spirituality that binds it all together across time and space.


“Kelly, if you don’t mind, I must see my grandfather before he heads off home. Do you want to stay here or come back to the center?”

“I’ll come back with you. I’m actually getting quite thirsty, so probably should head out to my hotel soon. I have my own packing to do over the next couple of days, as I head home on Saturday.”

“Saturday? Oh.”

Kelly looked at Neil as she registered his surprise at her statement. Their eyes locked together yet again, and she found herself lost in them. They were a startling shade of blue, clear and intense. She felt the world fade away as she looked into their depths.

“Darling,” Neil breathed out in a slight whisper.

Kelly looked quickly away. The naked need and longing she saw in his eyes scared her. She wasn’t ready to admit that she was attracted to him to the depth of her soul. It was too much, too fast. She needed to get away.

“Come; let me take you back to the center. I want to have dinner with you tonight, but I fear that my mother and grandfather already have dinner plans with me. Can I convince you to have dinner with me tomorrow?”

Kelly thought about dinner with him. She was scared to go, for fear of the attraction she felt. She had sworn off men after her husband’s death. Love hurt too much. No, dinner wouldn’t be a good idea. She was completely startled when she heard the words ‘yes I’ll have dinner with you’ emerge from her mouth. What made her say that?

“Great, I look forward to seeing you again tomorrow.”

They walked in silence the rest of the way. Kelly noted how much of the village she had yet to see. She knew she would be making a return trip to this land so she could see more of this fabulous Templar site.

“I hope you had a great day today. Selfishly I’m happy Kyle was sick the other day, so I was able to be with you when you saw the village for the first time, and that I was able to show you the bell tower. I cannot wait to have dinner with you tomorrow. I want to know more about who you are. What makes Kelly, the wonderful woman I see before me?”

Kelly felt herself blushing again and dropped her head down a bit to try to hide the color of her cheeks. “Thanks,” she murmured, “this has been an amazing couple of days. Far outstripping my imagination for what I would find. I’m grateful you showed me all that you have. I’m already trying to figure out how and when I can get back here to explore more.”

“Good. I want you to come back.”

“And as to dinner, I’m looking forward to it. Should I meet you at the restaurant in town?”

“No, I’ll pick you up at the hotel. Can you be ready at five-thirty?”

“Yes, I’ll be ready and waiting.”

They had made their way to Kelly’s car while they talked. Kelly fumbled for her keys in her pocket and got the car door open.

“Until tomorrow, Kelly.” And Neil leaned in to give her a kiss on the cheek. He gave her one last long look, then turned and walked back into the main building.

Kelly could feel the imprint of his lips on her cheek. She was filled with longing for this man. She chided herself. She had only met him on Tuesday; how could she be so smitten with

him? She would have to be careful here. She reluctantly climbed into the car. Gripping the steering wheel she took a deep breath, I’m not a school girl with my first crush! I will get this under control. With one more deep breath and loud exhale, she inserted the keys into the car and turned over the motor. With care she pulled out of the parking lot and drove back to town.




I am a CPA, CGA and live in Southern Ontario. After working for many years in the high pressure worlds of banking and IT, I decided that it was time to have a change in pace. Leaving Toronto behind I embarked on a new career in retail sales. The change was wonderful, but I felt something was missing.
Then, the unthinkable happened, and I was widowed at 46. That was a truly life altering experience. In time, I was introduced to the books and work of Dr. Brian Weiss. I discovered in his research a new purpose in life, and was driven to start writing, something I had always enjoyed, but never thought of as a career choice.
And now here we are in 2016, and my first novel is now published. My second, also in the Past Lives series, will follow shortly. I continue to write and dream of a future that I had never even considered in my wildest dreams..

Goodreads * Amazon * Facebook * Twitter * Website


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Unfading Lands Trilogy by Katharine E. Hamilton – Book Blast + Giveaway



The Unfading Lands
Unfading Lands Series Book 1
By Katharine E. Hamilton

Genre: Fantasy


A selfish betrayal. Goodness long forgotten. A land with terrifying power. Something sinister is at work in the Land of Unfading Beauty, a land that promises eternal youth and splendor. Something evil. Under the façade of charismatic leader, Lancer, an enemy stalks–taking life and power in the most devious of ways.
Prince Edward, the heir to the Northern Kingdom, abandons his family in pursuit of a beautiful woman by venturing into the Land of Unfading Beauty, never to return home. Has Prince Edward been swept away by love, or was it part of a strategic plan?
Lancer has high ambitions of destroying the Northern Kingdom and will stop at nothing to acquire its power and strength. A desperate attempt to save the Realm forces Edward’s father, King Granton, to call upon the rulers from neighboring kingdoms for help. As the kings and their children unite, relationships are strengthened and loyalties tested, and Edward’s younger sister, Elizabeth, rises as a force to be reckoned with. Headstrong, yet pure of heart, this young princess breaks the barriers of her role in order to fight for the safety of her Kingdom. Fierce battles emerge between good and evil and unexpected heroes arise. But it will take courage, unity, and strength to overcome the temptation of darkness.
A darkness, invisible to the eye, threatens the safety of them all.
Can it be overcome?
Can Edward be trusted?
Who is the real enemy?
What Elizabeth discovers within herself, her kingdom, and her brother, will change the course for the entire Realm and leave one question:
Where does your allegiance lie?

Goodreads * Amazon US * Amazon UK * B&N


Darkness Divided
Unfading Lands Series Book 2


Katharine E. Hamilton continues the incredible adventure of allied kingdoms fighting a common enemy in her sensational The Unfading Lands trilogy.
A darkness is now divided.
A new threat is on the horizon,and a queen is on the throne.
Princess Alayna rises to position as queen of the entire Realm. A role she was never meant to possess. She is faced with the daunting task of protecting her Realm of four kingdoms from the Land of Unfading Beauty’s increasing strength as well as a new threat emerging from a once friendly neighbor, the Realm of King Abner.
As they face Lancer, their shared enemy, and consider the threat of Abner, the beloved allies come together in unprecedented unity. From the ashes of hard-fought battles, romance blooms and friendships deepen within the roster of cherished princes and princesses. New leaders will appear, bold and true, and deeply committed to the virtue of the Realm.
An ally has infiltrated the Land of Unfading Beauty at great cost — absorbing the very darkness that runs through Lancer. Can this useful collaborator help save them all from Lancer’s mysterious power? Can he withstand the temptations of evil coursing through his veins?
With multiple enemies threatening the very foundation of the Realm, Alayna must decide whom she can trust. She must decide who the real enemy is. And all the leaders must fight. Can Alayna, the newly crowned queen, lead the Realm to victory?
While treacherous secrets frustrate strategies and an imposing army appears on the horizon, the most important question remains:
Where does your allegiance lie?

Goodreads * Amazon US * Amazon UK


Redemption Rising
Unfading Lands Series Book 3


A vengeful queen,
A darkened soul,
And an insurmountable enemy.
In the final book of her sensational The Unfading Lands trilogy, Katharine E. Hamilton masterfully concludes the epic tale of allied kingdoms fighting a supernaturally unstoppable enemy.
The Realm of Queen Alayna survived the brutal attack by King Abner, but their plan to overcome The Land of Unfading Beauty was thwarted by a vile betrayal. A betrayal that leaves the Realm vulnerable. Devastated by the loss of her kinsman, Queen Alayna seeks total destruction of the Unfading Lands, and her heart is set on revenge for those she loves.
The royal band of unlikely friends must come together once again. They must each learn to rule their baser instincts, commiserate with one another, and empower one another if they hope to defeat the overpowering darkness hovering over the Lands.
As the battle against the darkness rises in The Land of Unfading Beauty, a battle within the soul wages within Edward. His allegiance is tested, and his character is questioned. Can he overcome the darkness and aid his former Realm to victory? Can the Realm face down Lancer? Can they overcome their greatest threat: the darkness? Or will the Realm of Queen Alayna fall into the hands of evil?
What will it take to thwart the seduction of the darkness while fighting in its midst?
As the Realm faces their biggest battle ever, the question remains:

Amazon US * Amazon UK



I am Katharine E. Hamilton… author, writer, ranch wife, little sister, friend, new mom, and did I mention, writer? 🙂
My journey as an author started in 2008 with a simple gift to my niece, Taylor. Creating her a story all her own for a Christmas present, and seeing her reaction to a unique story made me start thinking about diving into the writing world. How simple a spark that would then lead to my first published work, The Adventurous Life of Laura Bell. Each story has a story all its own, based on people I love and special memories I share with them.
Laura Bell hit the shelves in 2009 and I quickly began work on my next book, Susie At Your Service. While working on this one though, I had several minor set backs. Computers failing, an apartment flood that soaked my illustrations, you name it, it happened. So what I thought would take a few months ended up taking me a year and a half to rewrite and redraw the illustrations and another year to push the publication forward. While working on Susie, I also had an idea for another book, Sissy and Kat. Let’s just say the year of 2012 was a busy year. Two books, changing jobs, moving to three different cities, and planning a wedding… really add up! 🙂 But perseverance paid off, and Susie hit the shelves, officially, in January of 2013 followed by Sissy and Kat in March 2013.
As of April 3, 2015, my first fantasy fiction novel, The Unfading Lands, released on Amazon. Within it’s first four days, The Unfading Lands hit the Hot 100 New Releases, and has not slowed down from there. Part Two in The Unfading Land Series, Darkness Divided, released in October 2015 with a wonderful kick off and reached #20 on the Amazon Hot 100 list. Part Three, Redemption Rising, Part Three in The Unfading Lands released May 2016 and it did not disappoint either. The entire series has been nominated for the Summer Indie Book Awards of 2016, and The Unfading Lands, Book 1, has been nominated for the Best Indie Book Award for 2016.
As well as continuing the adventure in The Unfading Lands, I have also contributed a short story, If the Shoe Fits, to an Indie Author Anthology, by Ian D. Moore and Friends in aid of Macmillan Cancer Support. All proceeds of sales of the anthology go straight to the charity. The anthology released in July 2015.
It has been quite a journey thus far and I am looking forward to several more chapters to come. I aim to keep you all informed on new releases, potential submissions, and all things new in the realm of Katharine E. Hamilton books. I also want to share this journey with my readers. As I continue paving my path in the book world, I hope that you would join me!

Website * Facebook * Twitter * LinkedIn * Amazon * Goodreads

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Unexpected Love by T.E. Black Book Tour + Giveaway



Finding A Way
The Unexpected Love Series Book 1
by T.E. Black

Genre: NA Romance


I am finally free.
This is my chance for a fresh start.
My chance to live the way I want to.
Boston is my destination.
Just when I think things are going to get better from here, I meet him.
Malcolm Davis.
He is the image of masculinity, with rough edges I would love to soften. Although I wonder what it would be like to be with a man like him, I know it would never work. But, I do know two things, ever since I met him, I’m happy and he makes me feel safe. Both of those things lured me into taking a chance. I mean what’s life without taking any chances? It’s not much of a life without the risk of getting your heart broken.
I imagine that for Malcolm Davis, falling in love with someone would be akin to a hurricane; anything that stands in the path of what he wants; gets demolished.
Well, I guess my theory will be put to the test.

Goodreads * Amazon


Finding Serenity
The Unexpected Love Series Book 2


Book #2 of The Unexpected Love Series. It is recommended that Finding A Way is read first, but each book can be read as a standalone.
When it was good, it was great.
When it was bad, it was worse.
My life turned into a whirlwind of destruction before I even got the chance to love her.
Shay Kirby could have been my angel, my saving grace; I never gave her the chance.
I gave myself a taste of her angelic kiss, convincing her to love with everything she had. Then I destroyed her. I destroyed both of us and I felt nothing as I did it.
I didn’t feel anything in my sorry state.
We both had secrets and both of them would have destroyed us in one way or another.
Hers could have possibly been bigger than mine, but I doubted it from the start.
I knew I had the quality of devastation within me the entire time.
After all,
I’m the king of lies.
I’m the king of addiction.
I’m the king of turmoil.
I’m the king of motherf*cking heartbreak.

This book contains sensitive material. Recommended for ages 18 and up.

Goodreads * Amazon


Finding Perseverance
The Unexpected Love Series Book 3


Ten years ago, Ryleigh O’Donnell let the love of her life go so he could follow his dreams. Now, she’s a successful bar owner, a loyal and fierce friend, and someone everyone counts on. She has everything she has ever dreamed of, but there is still a void inside her the size of a six-foot-four professional fighter, Rook Wallace, who she is forced to watch on television.
When she finds her past hiding in the shadows under her fire escape and asking for her help, she knows she should turn him away—protect herself. Her heart doesn’t care what her mind wants, though, and she risks everything by letting him back into her life. She just has to hold on long enough for him to clear his name, and keep his career afloat, then she can go back to business as usual … at least that’s what she tells herself.

*** This is Ryleigh’s Story; Book #3 of The Unexpected Love Series. It is recommended that Finding A Way and Finding Serenity are read first, but each title can be read as a standalone.***

Goodreads * Amazon



New Adult and Contemporary Romance author, T.E. Black, also known as Tiffany, is never without a book in her hand. Whether she’s reading the newest release from a fellow author, or proofreading one of her own drafts, she’s always keeping busy.
Tiffany writes about imperfect heroes and strong-willed heroines. While, her heroines are known for going to head to head with the men in her stories, the heroes she writes always have that special touch of alpha.
When she’s not immersed in the literary world, Tiffany makes use of her time by being a full-time graphic designer for a company she owns and operates, creating book covers, teasers, banners, and swag for other authors and herself.
She began writing when stories she had read sparked an idea. She plotted her story, wrote three chapters, then scraped it where she let it sit in her computer for months. Instead of focusing on the potential of the story she had begun, she couldn’t help but feel as if she would never be able to publish a book as good as the ones she had read.
Months later, she obtained the courage to go back to her laptop and open up the dreaded first draft she had written. With a clear head and determination, she worked for hours on perfecting the three chapters she had written.
When she sat back in her seat, looking over her six thousand words, it clicked.
The story fell into place.
The characters spoke to her.
The plot lines began to pour from her fingertips, landing on her keyboard.
And then it finally happened.
She had written a novel.
Love it, like it, or hate it, Tiffany loves hearing from her fans! Feel free to connect with her!

Website * Facebook * Twitter * Instagram * Goodreads * Facebook Group *
Etsy Shop * Pinterest * Newsletter * Amazon * Spotify

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The Aegis League Series by S.S.Segran – Book tour & Giveaway



The Aegis League Series Book 1
by S.S. Segran

Genre: Apocalyptic, Pre-Dystopian, Action-Adventure, Sci-Fi Thriller


#1 Amazon Kindle Bestseller –
Worlds Collide . Heroes Arise
A Plane Crash… A Hidden Valley… A Mysterious Civilization… An Ancient Prophecy… A Cataclysmic Scheme… Five Unlikely Heroes
Over a remote northern forest, a small plane carrying five teenage friends – Jag, Mariah, Kody, Tegan and Aari – flies into a freak storm. Struck by lightning, the aircraft crashes and the passengers find themselves cast into a life-changing adventure.
In a hidden valley, a mysterious people gaze at the stormy sky as a glowing object with fiery wings disappears behind a mountain ridge. The astonishing sight reignites an ancient prophecy foretelling the arrival of five chosen ones destined to become bearers of light against a dark storm gathering on humanity’s horizon.
In a distant city, a secretive organization led by a shadowy figure initiates a sequence of cataclysmic events designed to wreak havoc across the planet, beginning with a remote mining site in northern Canada.
As the three worlds collide, unlikely heroes arise. Armed with powers entrusted to them by the ancient prophecy and the resilience of their life-long bond, the five teens take a stand against a malevolent foe.

For a limited time you can get Aegis Evolution (Book Three) for FREE. Visit

Praise for Aegis Rising

“RECOMMENDED. A title like this is screaming for adaptation as a successful film…” ~The US Review of Books~
“THRILLING!…grips onto the reader and never lets go!” ~Feathered Quill Book Reviews~
“FIVE STARS. Unique and compelling. Delivers on every level…” ~Readers’ Favorite Reviews~
“RIVETING! Takes you on an intriguing ride through mysterious forests and mist-covered mountains to corporate boardrooms and global schemes. Prepare to be swept away on a breathtaking journey!” ~SAGE Foundation~
“As a fantasy fiction writer I have to admit that I am a harsher critic when it comes to novels in this genre. Books in this class I feel should be able to captivate the imagination and place you in a different realm. AEGIS RISING accomplishes that and a whole lot more. It is truly a classic in the making!” ~ Michael Beas – Bestselling Author of ‘Strump’ ~

Awards & Recognition
> Winner of the 2014 PINNACLE BOOK AWARDS
> Winner of the 2015 FEATHERED QUILL ‘BEST DEBUT AUTHOR’ Award
> Recipient of the coveted B.R.A.G. MEDALLION for 2014
> #1 Amazon Kindle BESTSELLER – Teen/YA, Action-Adventure, Sci-Fi

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Aegis Incursion

The Aegis League Series Book 2


#1 Amazon Kindle Bestseller. Worlds Collide . Heroes Arise
A Missing World War II Bomber… A Baffling Contagion… Widespread Famine … Nations at the Brink of War… An Apocalyptic Prophecy… Five Unlikely Heroes
On a bright July morning in 1948, a B-29 Superfortress flying a top-secret research mission over Nevada crashes into the calm waters of Lake Mead and sinks, remaining lost for half a century.
It has been nearly a year since five friends – Jag, Kody, Mariah, Tegan and Aari – mysteriously reappeared in a small town in Yukon several weeks after their small plane went down in Northern Canada. All were found unharmed but with no recollection of what happened to them after the accident.
A baffling contagion is spreading across the bread-basket of North America destroying vital crops. As this dark shadow marches across the globe, widespread famine and riots bring desperate nations to the brink of war.
These seemingly unrelated events set the stage for a battle between the forces of darkness and those destined to become the ‘bearers of light’. From ravaged fields in the Great Plains to clandestine installations around the world, the Aegis League must race against time to save humanity.

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S.S.Segran spent a good chunk of her childhood exploring the enchanted forest of a million tales in the mystical land of books. In her early teens, she began crafting intriguing new worlds and conjuring up characters who came alive with the flick of her wand… err… pen. Charmed by the magical response to her debut novel from readers around the world, she has embarked on a quest to take her cherished fans on a thrilling journey deeper into the Aegis universe. Even as she delves into her creative endeavors, the author intends to continue her work of supporting youths in developing countries realize their potential through her non-profit organization

When not devouring a book or writing one, S.S.Segran can be found standing behind the cauldron of life, stirring a potion made up of chores, parkour, drawing, horseback riding and–having enjoyed jumping off a perfectly fine airplane at fifteen thousand feet – perhaps skydiving.

The author loves to hear from her readers and can be reached at

For more information visit or like her Facebook page at

˃˃˃ SUBSCRIBE today at and receive AEGIS EVOLUTION (Book Three) for FREE. Limited Time Offer!!

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Cedric The Demonic Knight by Valerie Willis with giveaway




Cedric the Demonic Knight
The Cedric Series Book 1
by Valerie Willis

Genre: Paranormal Fantasy Romance


Lord Cedric du Romulus may be a powerful knight, but he’s no human nor does he like masquerading as one. He is a mixed blood demon made by Sorceress Morrighan in her quest to create an army of powerful underlings. Seeking out ever-stronger enemies, he devours them for their power; nothing is safe from his fangs whether they are beasts, demons, or magic wielders. When he finds himself staring at Morrighan’s castle, will he be able to follow through with his life’s ambition and leave behind his lover and wife, Lady Angeline who herself is an heir to a legacy of unknown magic.

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Romasanta: Father of Werewolves
The Cedric Series Book 2


Romasanta finds himself a cursed man and struggles with his internal demon, literally. All his troubles start with a stone and after that he will be losing everything he’s ever loved. Faced with clinging on to what little humanity he has, he will lose it many times before reaching the end of his journey. His life’s tale will take you through time to see how every lore, every moment in history tied in with wolves all come back to him. They call him the Ancient One, others simply refer to him as the Father of Werewolves, but we know him by his name, Romasanta. Many battles will be fought before he gets closer to his goals, but will he be ready to finish what was asked of him at the very beginning of his horrible fate. Will he be able to return the Eye of Gaea and free the love of his life from the laurel tree in the Black Forest?

Goodreads * Amazon



The Oracle
The Cedric Series Book 3

With Angeline back in Cedric’s arms and the Eye of Gaea in Romasanta’s grip, the next step in their journey begins. Knowing they will be facing the mother of dragons, Delphyne, at the top of Mt. Parnassus, they assemble a group to traverse the barrier which dissolves any technology and renders gunpowder useless. The question weighing on their minds is if two werewolves, the incubus King, and a demonized sorceress is enough to fight their way to see the Oracle?



Valerie Willis, a sixth generation Floridian, launched her first book, Cedric the Demonic Knight, at the start of 2014 on Since then, she has launched the second book to The Cedric Series, Romasanta: Father of Werewolves (2015), with several installments to come in this high rated Fantasy Romance Series. She pulls in a melting pot of mythology, folklores, history and more into her work with a remarkable amount of foreshadowing that makes reading her books a second time exciting. Also she recently published Rebirth the first book in her Teen Urban Fantasy, the Tattooed Angels Trilogy. Currently on the table to be completed is book two for the Tattooed Angels Trilogy, Judgment and book three in The Cedric Series, The Oracle.

Website * Amazon * Smashwords * Goodreads * Facebook * Twitter * Instagram
Cedric Series Facebook Page * Tattooed Angels Facebook Page

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